The Brinks

I’m Brinks and I like warm hugs (says in Olaf voice).

Universal Studios, JP

Universal Studios, JP

Brinks is a 20ish nearing 30ish occasional blogger, every 9am coffee drinker, an introvert by heart with an extrovert energy and an overall auditory person. I always strive try (*cough* there’s no such thing as try) like to blog but the words ran faster in my head before I can compose what I want to write. Wish there’s an available Pensieve here just like Dumbledore’s so that I can just get my memories out before they fade away and record them.

I have a passion for travelling and exploring places (but not always trying the local food). I have travelled solo already (read here), a check off my bucket list! And I can read and navigate maps (Google and actual paper maps). I’ve climbed 4 mountains, which include two major climbs, i.e. Mt. Pulag and Mt. Bulusan (which is volcano!). I can sleep soundly in a tent but needs to have 3 pillows around me when I’m in my bed.

Things I love:

Ballpens – I hoard pens! I like to hoard cute pens or colorful ball pens (which I wasn’t aware I was doing until recently then I remembered I do collect them as a kid, see I’m already rambling there). Cupcake pen, dinosaur pen, pens from our suppliers or hotels lol, colored pens especially.

Captured moments – I’m trigger-happy. I just love shooting moments. I love photography in general but I inclined to shoot portraits depicting a story. It’s just like frozen memories. Five years ago when I wrote my about me page, I still don’t have my camera. I just borrow from friends. Now I own a Canon 600D and my favorite lens, at the moment, is the nifty-fifty! You can check out my sometimes updated Flickr site here.

Chocolate chip cookies – who doesn’t?! I love baking them also! I am mastering my choco-chip oatmeal cookie but I started with this yummy recipe from How Sweet It Is and Sally’s Baking Addiction which I experimented on to make it more soft and get that salty sweet taste that I’m looking for. I’ll post my recipe soon.

Stars and the nighttime sky – I wanted to be an astronaut when I was a kid but know that my height doesn’t qualify already and that I wasn’t able to take out a course related to that during college, blahblahblah. But I love stars. That’s one of my favorite during a mountain climb. It’s like we’re closer to the sky and one can see how vast the world is and how we’re just a speck in the galaxy.

Surfing – I’m not really that good at it but I love the sport. I love the serenity of being in the board floating while waiting for the next wave. I love how it reminds me to always get back up no matter how many wipe outs I get. Coz at the end of the day, it’s the standing up, riding the wave  matters.

Life analysis conversations – LOL. I love processing people’s thoughts and I can go on and on about the complexities of life.


Brinks/Brinky/Sab/Sabrina Angelic works at an industrial trading company and is handling the Customer Service and Warehouse Departments and is in charge of overall management of the quality system. The “bestest Ate” in the world who loves to spoil the little brothers a little too much, loves being right and an overall happy person.



(Edited: 2015)


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