The Monday After Holidays

This gotta be the hardest of all Mondays. From a 4 day break wherein I am not required to wake up early…but required to bake lol and since there’s a overload of people coming back to the metro, I didn’t get to sleep in the bus on the way back early this morning. But but but! There’s awlays a turnaround if you will it.

And here’s mine. ☺✈



Ascending Mt. Bulusan

Major jumpoff: Lake Bulusan, Brgy. San Roque, Bulusan
LLA: 1565 MASL
Days required / Hours to summit: 1-2 days / 6-9 hours
Specs: Major climb, Difficulty 6/9, Trail class 1-4
Features: Three lakes, volcanic crater, tropical rainforest

“ANG HIRAP! Pero kinaya.”


Smiling at the crater summit

Just halfway through the campsite I already felt that this is a stretch. I can endure long hikes but with continuous assaults in the trail, I was already second guessing my decision of going along. LOL.

Kayaking through the lake is where the adventure starts. The scenery is a beauty and one might tend to slow down and just take pictures, we sure did. It’s a pity we didn’t get to stay long there to enjoy it. They say it’s a warm up for the climb, well yeah especially if your partner is rowing only half the time (LOL Ronnie) since he’s busy taking photos haha. So before the actual climb my thighs and legs are ngawit from kayaking.

Kayak in Bulusan Lake

The climb through the forest starts with a very gradual ascent but you can already feel that most of the trail is not flat. And since Ronnie agreed to carry my camera for me provided I bring it (since my bag’s full already, it’s quite not as heavy as the load from Pulag but Leeroy reminded me over and over not to bring too much of my kikay kit like before lol), I don’t have many photos of the trek up to campsite boohu.

I was able to carry on and keep up with the boys of group 1 (we were arranged alphabetically hence the grouping tsk). And they only had to take my bag off of me and carry it for a short distance after the ranger station where it became really steep. There are limatiks around the Ranger station, by the way. I almost got bitten by one and one of the By the time we got to the last kubo before the campsite it was already around 5pm I think and it was already getting dark. It was the first time I had to climb in the dark with my bag with me (I carried it again after the rest), with headlamp on. Scary. I guess that what kept me going that time — I don’t want to get stuck in the middle of the forest when nighttime falls.

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Survived Mt. Bulusan!


My first volcano! A climb which I never thought I’d go for dahil 6/9 na ang difficulty niya and I lack exercise; but decided to go dahil madami naman akong lakas ng loob. Haha.

This was the climb which didn’t only tested physical strength but maybe primarily mental strength. Being part of the first group to go, which was unusual for me since masaya ang huli dahil sa unli-take 5, I just kept on going… Walking, scrambling and climbing up. It’s when your faith above and trust in the person in front and at your back is greater than your fear. Fear of falling dahil one foot space lang minsan ang daan at kelangan kumapit lang sa mga sanga para makatawid, fear of not making it to the top and the other demons running in my head. I kept thinking parang Hunger Games lang ito then a voice in my head will answer, “hindi naman ako pang hunger games, hungry lang lagi.” Continue reading

What I like 2015 to be

#latenewyearpost LOL. I had typed this during the early holidays but wasn’t able to publish for some reason. Maybe that should be my no. 1 – blog timely haha.

So what do I like 2015 to be?


  1. Happy. I’m turning 30 (it still look too surreal when I type that age number) this year and I know I’ve had years where I didn’t fully enjoy because I was wallowing over someone or something (which for some freaky-stupid reason, I did enjoy back then lol). So this year, just like most of last year, I would consciously choose to be happy. No more victim stories and stuck up moments!
  2. Fall in love. No specific person in mind (yeah right hrhrhrh)… but really, someone who will support my desire for travel and adventure. Those already-created-how did you meet-and-what’s the wedding be like-stories in my head gotta stop. LOLOL. But srsly, after I chose to detox on love and dating for most of last year, it’s time to let my heart be vulnerable again.
  3. Dress like a girl more. LOL. Though I’d still want a new sneakers hrhr.
  4. Save. For the big stuff. Well, after buying all the girly necessities to add to my wardrobe, I need to really save NOW.
  5. Travel more. Places I’m thinking of seeing this year, can any or all!
    1. Boracay
    2. Coron / El Nido, Palawan
    3. Langkawi, Malaysia / Jakarta, Indonesia / Bali, Indonesia
    4. Osaka, Japan (I want to see that Harry Potter themed park in USJ!)
    5. Canada (THE big dream this year)
  6. New adventures and new experiences. I want to try, among others:
    1. Spanish or Italian language classes
    2. Join a fun run
    3. Watch a movie in a movie theater alone
    4. Yoga + flying yoga
    5. Dragon boat (which I already started on)
  7. The value I need to live my dreams and keep moving forward this year:
    1. Joy
    2. Vulnerability
    3. Commitment
    4. Passion

In retrospect, I want 2015 to be a year with higher awareness of blessings. Our loving and joyful Pope Francis had started the year bright and sunny with his smiles and his big heart, this year has been blessed and I am just grateful of all that is to happen.

Barkada Christmas Party 2014

Because Carmi pretty much sums up what happened to our party (a.ka. I’m-still-too-lazy-to-blog). LOL. This was the first time I had hosted our barkada party, success! Hihi. Great food, friends and cameras – amazing night! Carmi even brought her soft box over and we had our mini pictorial with the big tree. 🙂

Friends like these are those you don’t usually see regularly all throughout the year but when you see each other, it seems just like it was yesterday. 🙂

Photos from my camera since I’m still testing out my 50mm. 😀

Our food was just tooooo delish! Like Carmi said, especially the Crispy Liempo:

Carmi was teaching me how to do bokeh with my lens 😀

Then we used her wide angle lens to take a shot at my favorite decor in the house!



Happy holidays baks! Love you to bits!

What I have shown you is reality ...

During the past few years, the girls and I would have our Christmas party at a restaurant somewhere (usually in Alabang). This year, since Brinks’s family moved to a new house, we decided to have it at their place.  I think the last time we had our Christmas party at someone’s house was when were all still in college, which was a long time ago.  Just like back then, we decided to have a potluck dinner.


Dr. Camille setting the table for dinner


The crispy liempo that Aprille brought was to die for!  *drools*


Adorable little forks that Brinks bought in Japan (which we used for our appetizers)

Brinks’s family went all out with the Christmas decors this year.  They had a variety of Christmas trees on display, including this clever little one on the wall:


They used pieces of wood from the trees that Typhoon Glenda brought down back in…

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Sum up 2014


This year, I climbed mountains and went on my first solo travel.

From adventure to adventure which wasn’t easy, it was all about courageously moving forward. For all the new people I met and friends I gained along the way, thank you. Truly grateful that you became part of my #Adventure2014.

This year has been about celebrating life, breaking through and choosing my own happiness! I super enjoyed this year. 🙂

Excited for my giddy 2015! ❤