Sum up 2016

“All change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous in the end…” – Robin Sharma


This year is the year that things didn’t happen the way I planned it early on–I didn’t get to travel as much as I’ve wanted but I’ve reached farther destinations; I didn’t get to pursue a new career but I got an even bigger responsibility! It was really when I dared to embrace change and embraced my greatness, when things really started happening. I didn’t thought I’d get the goals I got to check this year but I got ’em all! Even goals that I forgot I even wanted to achieve before. Trust and compassion made everything finally fall into place.

I always pride myself in saying that I grew each year and 2016 was no different. And if I must say, this was a year where I focus on what mattered most–relationships. I declared that this get to be #love2016 and it sure did. Not in the way I imagined it but it was a year where I get to appreciate relationships that I have.

For the new friends that I gained this year, for those that I discovered where true friends who’ll stay and for those who just came to teach me a lesson and for those longtime friends who I don’t doubt would still be there year after year; and for my family who in itself is changing and growing also, I am truly grateful.

2016 taught me to balance my life, make my relationships work and my career blossom. So cheers to another year, let’s keep on choosing love say yes to a wonderful 2017! #Yes2017


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