Sum Up 2015!


Looking back, I’m amazed where I got the energy from, to travel this much, this year. Not even counting the destinations but the months away from the city, 7 out of 12, since there are times na may ganap twice a month. Just goes to show when you’re passionate over something, you just don’t get tired, you just go. 🙂

January – none, save..
February – Elyu, Baguio
March – Mt. Bulusan
April – rest
May – Zambales
June – Apo Reef
July – Baler
August – Baguio
September – rest
October – rest, ALC staffing
November – Japan, Anilao
December – holiday shopping!

Every spontaneus go, without knowing how, who or why is an adventure in itself; which taught me to trust myself more, really find joy in life’s simple moments and completely surrender to what will be.

For the new and old friends I shared this #Go2015 with, I’m truly grateful. This year has indeed been about grace and compassion, as Pope Francis said it would be. I just didn’t expect that it would also be a year of abundance and courage.

Let’s go and #Lovelife2016! ❤


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