There’s Value (And Happiness) In Taking A Risk

Thought Catalog

If you’re something like me, you grew up with a relatively clear and indisputable path laid before you. You don’t realize when you’re younger how much more confined the choices along the progression through high school and college are in comparison to the vastly ambiguous and undetermined horizon of the real world that follows. You proceed and succeed, you work, you play, you progress.

Then, one day, you graduate — and if you’re like me, you majored in something useless but wonderfully interesting like sociology, so when you throw your cap in the air, you then get smacked in the face with a resounding “now what?” It’s time to fly, and lord knows you invested in some VERY expensive wings that you’ll probably be paying off for a VERY long time, and yet you’re cruising around on a breeze, more or less nomadic in an impatient world that demands direction. The…

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