16 Things Every Girl Forgets To Thank Her Brother For


Thought Catalog

1. My friends were always eyeing you up, and while I pretended to be grossed out by it, I was secretly proud that I’m related to you.

2. Raiding your closet for sweatshirts was, and is, and always will be so much easier than going out and buying my own.

3. Growing up together meant that between the two of us, we had the full survey of all sorts of toys.

4. Any and all damning photographs of those times I made you play dress up in my princess dresses will always serve as the ultimate blackmail.

5. You at least tried to school me in all things sports, cars, and video games — and whether or not I was into those things already, you made sure I could at least discuss these things and sound like I knew what I was talking about. (And these would come in handy later in…

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