The Ultimate Cheat Sheet To Be A Great Negotiator

Note to self in the future when I negotiate my stand and where do I want to go. 😀

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image - Flickr / Rachel image – Flickr / Rachel

Someone wants to kill me because I did a bad negotiation with him many many years ago. I hope I never run into him in the street. I’m sorry.

A bad negotiation leads to these things automatically: anger, resentment, crying, slavery, and poverty.

So it’s very important to constantly study yourself, study the negotiations you’ve done, and try to improve so you don’t experience the above, which can be easily avoided.

Every day for the past 20 years I’ve learned something new about negotiation.

Communication is the thread that weaves humans into humanity.

Make sure the result brings you life and love. Tomorrow is 100% based on the negotiations you do today.

When I do the below, when I live life as gently and positively as possible, then my negotiations work out, and then my tomorrows and the tomorrows of the people around me are…

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