Camp Gear Happy List


Will be climbing again in just a few more weeks! Destination? Mt. Pulag. Hrhrhr. The dream. So anyway, I haven’t really prepared and here’s the initial requirements from the organizers. Quite scary yet makes me excited even more. So since the only not ordinary stuff there that I have is my personal first aid kit which I have already prepared from the first climb, I decided to scout the mall for some stuff.

Checked out the Pinoy Mountaineer blog for a list of stores but I wasn’t able to locate storeshop in Galleria which I had initially planned to check out that’s why I chose that. Good thing they have Basekamp there. Bombgear has an outlet, too. Anyway, since I was just all too excited to buy something to keep the list moving, I got the headlamp there then the emergency blanket from Handyman.


Headlamp – 940 pesos
– 15 lumens
– Has 3 brightness settings (I think) plus blinkers and all
– 1 AA battery only

Space blanket – 89.75 pesos
– size: 150x210cm

So there goes my happy purchase for today!


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