Humbling Bus Ride


(Late post from last Thursday night) A great way to end the first day back to reality. I had to go back home to LB today because of some problems with the dorm I was supposed to have stayed. Long story short I need to pull out my things there and find another place to stay (but that’s reserved for the weekend). I can’t remember when I was that excited for 6PM to arrive because I’m literally going home. Anyway, as I was ‘patiently’ (stressing on the patiently because I was really telling myself to be patient) waiting for the bus and muttering to Itay to get me a good bus (which has been a habit already ever since he passed on; before it was just muttering a prayer, now we know there’s another one up there looking out for us), there was some commotion which made some traffic in the area where the vehicles will turn for parking in Starmall. A policeman was clearly having heated conversation with the driver and looks like he was reprimanding him for something. The driver got out and shouted something to him then went back in. Then some lady went up to the policeman and was dragging him away, I thought she was a relative or the wife or whoever that knows him. She was telling him to just let it go and not let the fight continue. She was patting his back. And after making sure that he walked away from the car, the lady went back to an old woman (perhaps her mother) then they walked away, too. Just a stranger’s random act of kindness. So after being in awe from that I just walked along EDSA and then finally was able to get a bus. It was really, really packed with people standing. With my calm composure that I had really managed to set, I patiently move and move as needed then finally stopped moving by the side of an old woman, 70-ish (turned out she’s just 60). I was making sure that my shoulder bag won’t hit her face as I was being pushed every time someone comes up the bus again. Then she woke up her sleeping grand child and asked her to move then told me to sit beside them. I was in shocked. She adjusted her sitting position as well so that we can share, i was profusely saying thanks and telling her that she can sandal (rest her back on the seat) so she’ll be comfortable but she kept saying it’s okay and that if I’m okay with my seat also. Tears have already welled up big time in my eyes that time as I remembered how I prayed for the right bus. I learned that her name is Cora and that she used to work in POEA. Like most oldies, she loved to talk. She told me about her family and that she’s staying with her grand-daughter in Laguna and they just came from having their New Year’s celebration in Fairview.  Then she was telling me about work in POEA and if I wanted to go abroad she can refer me. Then she said that’s where she met her husband, at work. [thought bubble that moment: “Lord naman, niloloko mo ata ako eh.”]  Though her love story did not end happily ever after, since 2 other affairs which resulted to having children with them as well, but in the end she had accepted and forgiven. [thought bubble: “really, Lord? Joke time? What are you trying to tell me?”] Then I was just curious because she kept talking about him, so I asked why he wasn’t with them, is he at home? Turned out her husband committed suicide some years ago due to all the problems. There were some hints of bitterness in her but all in all, she chose to love and forgive him, she said. She was saying that she knows her husband is just lingering there at home looking after her and her grand-daughter. This wisdom imparted by a stranger who showed genuine kindness to me was enough to empower me to make some decisions later on that night. I always chose love. I always chose to forgive. And no matter how I suppress it, I always chose to care. This time, I will really trust the Lord and have faith on His plans. I’m letting go of my need to control and slow down my overly creative imagination creating negative thoughts. I have committed happiness to myself this year, and no matter what happens or how it will happen, in the end it will boil down to being grateful for all my blessings. It has been the first time some stranger shared a seat with me on a very crowded bus. So today, thank you Lola Cora for you kindness and wisdom. I will always hold that around 2-hr ride home (which seemed to have passed by so fast because of your stories) in my heart.


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