Travel Solo

7 Reasons Why You Should Travel Alone At Least Once In Your Life

I was thinking of what will be a major personal goal this year when I came across this article. I was previously thinking to lessen my travelling and save more this year, however, why not do both asks a friend. Why not? Then I saw this. There goes the goal at the top of my list, next to which is to fall in love again. Woootweeew. Hahaha. Srsly, I realized that even if I say that I love someone, I know it’s different because I keep holding back. Pause. This post is about travelling not love. Hrhrhr.

So anyway, I would not limit myself into declaring early on whether this would be a local travel or an international once but hopefully, it’ll be on a foreign land so I would really be void out of normal communication lines when I panic that I’m actually alone.

Throwing this exciting dream to you now, Universe, let’s make sure it happens!

“Sometimes our brains need to get rid of old thoughts in order to be able to create space for new ones, better ones.”


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