My “Grown Up” Christmas List

As most posts in this blog this is soooo late LOL. So just to define, let this be a 2013 Wish List (it’s just that Mom has been singing that song on repeat for a while now and it just kinda got stuck in my head).


I wasn’t able to write my yearly wish list because I literally don’t know what material thing to wish for this year. I wasn’t even able to list down three things for our company exchange gift. Maybe that was because I know I have most of the things I want this time or at least I can get it myself (that’s especially after getting my camera). Stuff to be thankful for will be through another blog post (just so while on holiday, this gets something up haha). So this year, let me wish for something intangible. Something like a spin-off from my LEAP journey which was inspired by Ate Tin’s post from last year which I dunno why I was able to come across to (Twitter? Did you tweet this? Hihii). DSC_0305-2 1. Forgiveness and Acceptance – That things will not always go my way as much as I want to control the scenario and as much as I want it to be perfect. There are some things that are really just not meant to be and to happen. And I want to forgive as easily as possible so that I can let go and be free from any emotional attachment there is – whether negative or positive.

“Minsan kaya tayo nasasaktan kasi may mga gusto tayong hindi nangyayari, may mga pangarap tayong hindi natutupad. Hindi pagkakamali ang magkamali. Ang mahalaga, natuto tayo. Pero yung pangalawang pagkakataon, pwede ka ng pumili.” – Jacq (Angelica Panganiban), One More Try

2. Discipline and Self-control – Whether this be related to impulsive shopping which involves card swiping, matters of the heart and its “necessities and requirements” or other stuff that requires a second thought before being acted upon. Ground and center. Take a deep breath. Then behave.

3. Patience – This has never, ever been a virtue that I have. I want to relax responsibly this coming year. Sometimes, things take time. Patience to wait for the right time, the right moment, the right mood, the right person… they all have their own perfect timing according to His will. Well, this doesn’t mean I cannot try to control make things happen if I can. But I have to learn to really surrender as things always do easily fall into its rightful places once I do.

4. Courage and Vulnerability – I need to step out of my comfort zone. To allow myself to be scared when I don’t know what will happen. I need to start doing things I don’t like just because I have judgments in doing them (i.e. dating LOL). And I need to be laid back and let go of my guard sometimes. I need to have the courage to travel on my own – my ultimate 2013 goal. 🙂

5. Love and Happiness – Need I say more? LOL. Given all the essence and the virtues above, I will not hurry love. Char. This year, I will choose to be happy – plain and simple with no complications tangled with the happiness.


2013 is a year of resilience. Bouncing back after all the breakthroughs this year. And learning to love, for real, again. ♥

You can’t hurry love
No, you just have to wait
You got to trust, give it time
No matter how long it takes

*My photos courtesy of LEAP 54 Paparazzis (I dunno who took the shots, though) 🙂


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