Payday Weekend

It has been a very busy weekend! Thank you Lord. 🙂 And there’s only a few more hours left ’til it’s Monday again. I ran out of rest time this weekend haha.

What kept me busy and my accomplished to-do’s:

  • Got Mom’s birthday gift for an officemate’s kid plus the birthday party
  • Weekly grocery shopping with Mom
  • Movie for the weekend and Cheetos
  • New prescription glasses (a splurge indeed haha)
  • Back + Neck and shoulder massage
  • Snacks after massage: Better than Sex cake and KFC Krushers
  • Pizza treat for the boys

And that’s synonymous to the list of my expenses as well. LOL. I was debating on getting a travelling bag but opted for the glasses instead. Haha.

The massage was really worth it though I still wish for a teeny-weeny-bit of extension, just like the people of our town who’d been having a holiday tomorrow in celebration of Bañamos. HMF. Oh well, shall make up for lost rest next weekend. Can’t wait! HAHA! 😀


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