Succubus Quotes: Georgina Kincaid series

I started reading Richelle Mead’s Succubus series, I think 2 weeks ago? Or a week ago. And I have been addicted ever since. This has been the first time that I got so caught up in a book (or books) again after quite a while that I have been dreaming about it and that I am spending every available free moment reading. Geeky? LOL. I’m done with Book 3 meaning there are 3 more to go. I’m going to give it a rest for now since I’d be running out of the succubus thrill and highs. Haha.

Backgrounder: What’s a Succubus? Common knowledge is that it’s the female version of the Incubus, the demon who visits dreams. Succubus for males, Incubus for females.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the 3 books so far.

Succubus Blues – the first of the 6th begins the introduction of all characters and tells the story why Georgina Kincaid, the succubus, turned into one. She was a mortal who sold her soul for love. She cheated on her husband and upon seeing him so distraught and is about to commit suicide, decided to take matters to her own hand and did everything she could to protect him. That’s where her succubus story began. Hell made sure that the husband will not commit suicide with the deleted memory that Georgina (as per her request) did not ever existed, in return for an eternity of her service to hell of being a succubus and thus bring more people to hell. So the story revolved on Georgina’s duties as a servant of hell, how she fell in love again (or at least it seems) and how the battle about the system (of heaven and hell and mortals) being fucked up went about. Not that much action during the battle but it was a nice to begin showing their powers like that.

“Don’t get bogged down with the have-to’s. Otherwise, there’s no point in being alive. Life becomes a matter of survival.” – Roman

“We all have moments of weakness. It’s how we recover from them that really counts.” – Carter 

“Look, don’t get me wrong. I worship the ground this guy walks on. I’m excited to meet him tonight. I’m dying to meet him tonight. If he wanted to carry me off and make me his love slave, I’d do it, so long as I got advance copies of his books.” – Georgina

Love is rarely flawless,” Carter pointed out. “Humans delude themselves by thinking it has to be. It is the imperfection that makes love perfect

To Thetis,
Long overdue, I know, but very often the things we most desire come only after much patience and struggle. That is a human truth, I think. Even Peleus knew that.



Succubus on Top – This is not really one of my favorite books thus I cannot recall how did the story really turn about. It’s more focus on what happens with Georgina and her mortal boyfriend and the story just basically revolved around there. Immortal battle happened with another immortal giving drugs that makes the mortals feel like a god. The battle itself wasn’t downright interesting.

“Because I could. Because she was beautiful and wonderful and I wanted her.” – Bastien

“He’s in it for more than sex. He’s in it for you. For that delightful wit and charm that manages to cheer even grumpy bastards like me up.” – Bastien

“You’re wondrous and powerful and gifted, but even you can’t save me from hurting. No one can do that for anyone. I can make things perfect in the fictions I create, but the real world isn’t so kind. That’s just how it is. And anyway, for every bad thing in life, there are more good things to tip the balance.” – Seth


Succubus Dreams – I love the twisted incidents in this story. I love how the angels played a great role in the creepy battle. And how the Georgina’s love story unfolded with its truthfulness and large doses of reality and practically turned about. I was delaying finishing this last night because it was just really good. Haha. The story went around Gerorgina feeling drained every time she sleep after she had just sucked out energy (in short after sex) and life from another soul. Succubus feeds off their energy from other mortals by getting the life, literally, out of them through sex. It gave light to the true scenario of what’s life going to be like for Seth and Georgina. There were incidents when Seth almost died, an Imp trying to buy Seth’s soul so that they can be really together and others. In the subject of Georgina’s love story, it was a battle of time, efforts and physical closeness — since she and Seth cannot have sex because she will end up taking him life when that happens. It was a good story with a good set of action and romance.

Seth pressed another kiss to my forehead. “I’m sweet because you make it easy to be sweet.

“Maybe I should move on with my life, but, honestly, there’s no one else I want to be with. I accept what she is. It’s why I love her. I’d rather be with her in a limited capacity than none at all.” – Vincent

“Sometimes loving someone means you have to do what’s ultimately good. What you need instead of what you want.” – Yasmine

“A long life means nothing if it’s empty and has no purpose. Better to live a short one filled with the things that are important to you.” – Andrew

“Surely, brief moments of joy were worth the pain that might follow? Wasn’t that why I was with Seth, despite knowing he’d eventually die? Maybe Seth had been right about taking chances. Life was short. Maybe you needed to seize what good you could.” – Georgina

“Relationships are symbiotic. Takes two to make them work, two to make them fall apart” – Carter


‘Til the next 3 installments! I’m still on the 1st chapter of Succubus Heat. 🙂


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