After 2 months

Whoa. It’s almost 2 months (in 5 days, it is) since I’ve last blogged. Wow. Talk about lazy. No, I’ve been really busy. Seriously.

What happened in my whole summer? Haha. Since the last post was a backlog from March, apparently I haven’t blogged anything about April and May then the first half of June. Tsk. Talk about reminiscing. LOL.

So what’s up with Summer? Here’s all that’s left in the significant events in my memory bank haha. And just to say up front, I didn’t have even just a single chance to swim, beach or pool, during those months. Boo.

– Aps’ birthday in LBDH
– Xylon’s birthday celeb – Battleship
– ALC’s 30th day
– Bought a new phone
– Avengers date

– Mother’s day
– New puppies
– Makati date with Aps and Camille
– Drinks with Tina
– Pamper day with Carmi

– Drinks with Ging and Aps

So there. Hmm. Hopefully, I get around in recreating the bits and pieces of what happened. April generally has been a crazy month as the flow of workload began swamping me. May, despite its busyness every single day has been really the best month this year, I think. And June? Well, June started with something crazy and confusing on its first day so I still don’t know how to go about it given that the busyness of the previous months shall have its graduation in June. Tsk. Haha.

So, for today… given my weird state of mind as I have just been sleeping all day yesterday and thus, woken up earlier than usual for a Sunday, let’s see if I can squeeze in some time to update my life’s events as I see it fit. LOL.

PACMAN-Bradley for now. 🙂


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