Good bye South Hill!

[Late post: March 30-31]

And the littlest one graduated high school already! And that meant it has already been a decade since my high school graduation. It was an O-M-G moment. Well, as always, it is every time I come back to that place. High school life oh my high school life~ Haha. Favorite phase of my life. Even if the place looks completely and totally different now, well, at least the school grounds, it will always be nostalgic to see the buildings and the classrooms. It was where I grew up. South Hill was a favorite place back then. 🙂

While waiting for the ceremony to start

So anyway, Jiro graduated with Honors plus a special citation in Math. There are times when I still can’t believe that he’s all grown up, for the fact that he still acts like a baby at home. LOL. A bunso will always be a baby, right? Tsktsk. By height, I have already be designated as the youngest, though. Haha. Anyway, it was a proud moment for all of us given that he’s the most stubborn one, who doesn’t seem like to study most of the time and is out of the house most of the time, but still managed to bag not just one medal but 2! Congrats bro!

The graduation ended pretty late already, good thing they already ordered dinner from Greenwhich, pizza, bake mac and chicken, beforehand that of which I didn’t have the energy to take a snap a pic or two given our hunger state.

Oh, my gifts came a week early from graduation. We had a date a week prior to shop for his gifts. Mom said the gift giver role has already been bestowed upon me by the bros, whether I like it or not. Haha. And aside from gifts, it was my role to treat them for special occasions such as this. And so the next day, we met up with the Kuyas who came from school to have dinner and watch a movie. My bros can consume food good for one family already LOL. We had dinner at Max’s then bought DQ ice cream to take to the movies. We saw Wrath of the Titans which was just okay, not really that a-awesome but just fine, final battle was lame though. Eyes rolling there but ’twas still fun since we get to attack the movie together haha. We’re getting used to having our own dates without the parents, it’s just real nice that we’re like that. Even though at times I cannot already understand what they’re talking about when they start on with what they’re playing. LOL.

Wrath of the Titans

Dinner at Max’s

‘Til the next sibling date! 😀


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