ALC Weekend (Plus FLEX memories)

[Late post: March 14-18]

I wasn’t able to go home that weekend because we have to attend ALC, the 2nd part of the OCCI Leadership Trilogy. I wasn’t able to blog about FLEX last November when we took it. So here’s a brief background as well.

Taken from OCCI website:

The three-step process of FLEX, ALC and LEAP will allow you to: achieve awareness of the mindsets that have shaped your present reality; let go of limitations that are holding you back; and manifest results you want in your life.

I took FLEX Batch 52 together with my co-MTs, that was an ambush requirement for we were told the day before the seminar when we were all set to rest for the weekend. LOL. But nevertheless, no one regretted not having their weekend off that time for it was such a refreshing and very uplifting experience.


Iris, Ivan, Cri, me and Arvin 🙂

FLEX is a two-day workshop where you can learn about the fundamental principles of leadership, success and peak performance.

day 1
FLEX Day 1

day 2
FLEX Day 2

With FLEX Buddy, Cita 🙂

birthday group

FLEX Birthday group

After FLEX, there’s ALC which stands for Advance Leadership Course. But unlike FLEX wherein it is all mostly fun and learning about what you want, ALC is learning to accept the negative events in your life and how to deal with it. Simply put, it’s much more serious, given that is a four-day intensive process.

This time, we were advise maybe around 2 days before the program started but with indefinite commitments, so Thursday came that we still went to the office with the thought that we won’t be going. But before lunch time came, the boss announced that we pack up and we shall (i.e. no choice again haha) and go attend the seminar. However, due to schedule conflict, Cri wasn’t able to attend the seminar with us.

I still don’t have most of the pictures as my buddy haven’t uploaded them yet. LOL. Nor have the boss given us the copy of our pics haha.

ALC council: Best council ever! 🙂

The Advanced Leadership Course (ALC) is the next step towards achieving personal mastery. Awareness of limiting paradigms is just the beginning. The ALC empowers you to overcome the paralyzing fears and self-limitations that have long suppressed the creative expression of your true self.

2nd day council lunch at Uncle Chefy’s

More ALC pics to come! Overall, it was a remarkable experience. It was a big step to accept that there are some negative patterns that I have going on in my life and how I shall act upon it in the succeeding months. Hmm. At least, we’re restricted from making any major decisions for the next 30 days. Time to rethink and evaluate the circumstances revolving my heart issues. LOL. ♥


4 thoughts on “ALC Weekend (Plus FLEX memories)

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  2. Hi Julia here from LEAP 60. I currently taking yung LEAP 😀 and kung idedescribe ko siya grabe soooooooobrang saya.. 😀 Do you now anyone na interesadong mag take ng ALC ngaung month? just email me na lang…thaaanks.
    LEAP 60 Celebrate Life

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