NOMs of the Week (March 11-18)

I’ll start this entry with the Sunday that Dwayne came and slept over at the condo. Dwayne had a class activity which requires them to be in school at 6am thus the need for us to go early on Sunday and sleep in Manila. So pretty much I just stayed some hours at home in Laguna then went back to the city. LOL. We attended mass in Greenbelt, shop for some slippers then had dinner at Kenny Rogers.

Dinner at Glorietta

Dinner. We ordered the same but he got 2 side dishes and an extra rice. LOL

The first and last time I took a photo of this LOL.

I can’t remember what I bought or cooked or ate on that Monday and Tuesday, here’s Wednesday’s breakfast though. 🙂 Tuna sandwich!

15th dinner – potato croquettes and beef steak

16th lunch at Uncle Chefy’s – cheese, cheese and cheese pizza!

17th lunch at Shakey’s  – we had pizza, chicken, spaghetti and some salad

17th dinner at Max’s and then Iris, Ivan and I watched the boring documentary, The Devil Inside after dinner. Ugh. Waste of money.

Before hitting the sack that night, for some feel good food after watching the gruesome movie, ice cream for me! 🙂

18th Dinner with Sir Gemmo at Yoshinoya. ALC graduation treat! 😀 Thank you!

Clearly, last month was a month of food and so many activities. LOL. BUSOG!!! 😀


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