Safe Haven in Batangas City

[March late post]

March 9-10: Batangas trip

And no this is not a review about Nicholas Sparks’ book. Haha.

There are times we just need to have a soft landing if we want to fall or even breakdown. This can be in the form of a person, a certain someone who makes everyday mishaps light and tolerable or a place where you will not be afraid to see anyone that might hold prejudgements about your decisions. Thank God that I have both. Friends and family who purposively make my days breezy and places where I can be free.

I have decided to do an “Eat-Pray-Love” journey. Not necessarily in that particular order or with that purpose but more like a phase to redeem myself to myself again. Be the me that I once loved because I know during the course of the recent up and down drama, I have changed. And so phase 1 of these weekend routine, and yes, I am planning that this shall be a weekend routine, Phase 1 was Batangas. I’m thinking of this “journey” to reconnect with old friends or relatives that I haven’t seen in a while.

Circumstances present itself when necessary, Vesma will not have company that friday night since her husband will be on duty that evening until the following day. So there. Plans were set in an hour or so. I got ahold of the directions and which terminal to go to.

So finally I was en route to Batangas on Friday, I had to go undertime so that they can pick me up in Jay’s window of time out from the office. It was just so nice to be away from all the hustle and bustle of work and the stress of the possibility of bumping into someone in your hometown.

We had dinner at F. Baylosis, one of the best Crispy Pata eveeeeeeer. It is also the family of the Then after Jay has left for work, we just spent the night catching up about everything until we finally dozed off.

Ang takaw ni Mommy Vesma!

The next day, we just watched a movie after eating a big breakfast then just had lunch on the way home. They dropped me off at Calamba on their way to Alabang.

Kulitan with Ves before going out. Hindi ko po siya ni-rerape. Haha!

Until the next time Mr. and Mrs. Luya! 😀 Thanks for the warm hospitality. Ang saya lang na makitang napaka-takaw ni baklang Vesma hahaha. 😀


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