Wishes That Came True

I can’t believe it’s March already and I’m still posting Christmas-related stuff hahaha. This has been in my Drafts for a while already and I was just too lazy to attach the pictures also. So here ya go~

These are material wishes that I blogged before Christmas and what I received out of the list.

1. Forever 21 boots – I bought for myself for our company Christmas Party which I came as Haley Willliams, LOL.

2. Make up – Lip liners and lip gloss from Tita Merle and Nanay. Make up brushes from Carmi too. And well, I bought my own Revlon make up LOL.

3. Starbucks Tumbler – as I’ve stated in the wish list, prior to that I got it already from the office exchange gift, from Sir Larry

4. Undies – Yes I did got some! From Mommy haha!

5. Umbrella – I finally bought this for my own due to necessity of the regular rain shower these days. It’s just a regular little white umbrella from Bench.

(Ohh I forgot to take a pic! To be updated later)

6. Mouse – Got it also. 😀 The mouse roller (whatever that’s called) lights up with blue light! Haha.

7. 2012 Starbucks planner – Got it. Thanks for all my friends who helped me complete the stickers! The last two stickers were a giveaway due to Starbucks anniversary last year. Got this mid-December. 🙂

8. Cellphone – Target date of acquisition, latest April. Dad said to wait for Sony Ericsson sales when they change it to Sony only.

9. dSLR – Target date of acquisition, 2012. I’m still deciding which to get. I’m leaning on Nikon J1 these days, ish cho cute.

10. Bedroom slippers – No plans on buying this nor has anybody has any plans on giving me this haha. I got shoes from Leo though. Better. 🙂

11. Etude House Perfume – I got Eclat instead, also from Mommy 😀 Even better!

So there, most of the gifts that came true, either I bought it for me or Mommy did. 🙂 There are many others that is not included in my wish list, for those not mentioned, your gifts were still much appreciated and thanks for all the love. ♥


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