Chinatown and Feng Shui

The South entrance

We went to Chinatown last February 18. I think I was somewhat dreading this date like Valentine’s last week, LOL. Thus, I know I just have to have a whole day activity that will not require me to mope around and think or worse, beg for attention. Hrhr. So I gladly agreed when Mom asked me if we could go to Binondo so she can add more to her collection of Feng Shui items.

We were supposed to meet at the LRT station and take the train to Carriedo but since I was already running late (LOL I didn’t know there will just be light traffic that Saturday), we just met at Carriedo since it turned out we took the same train anyway.

I was just amazed at the scenery and surroundings. It was my first time to go to Binondo/Chinatown. The shops generally or literally have the same stuff just additional items here and there. And another difference was the store owners or sellers – who is more accommodating and who is irritated to have customers or doesn’t know anything about the items she is selling. But Mom and I went to almost if not every store anyway; Dad already has a store in mind but is a long walk from the entrance so he was just following or waiting for us haha.

First store. Mom immediately stopped haha


Among the big stores. Most stores there are being handled by the same family, brothers/sisters competing against each other, LOL.

Inside of the store + Dad looking weird. LOL

If I remember correctly, this store has always been feature in TV/print whenever it comes to Feng Shui. We didn’t buy anything there though.

The other entrance, it says: Ongpin North Bridge

Sunrise store, another one of the famous store since it also offers “free consultation”, free but you have to buy what the guy says I think haha. This is the store Dad was originally looking for. I bought my little crystals there.

Before we had our late lunch, I had already bought 5 crystals LOL. The pink one was among Mom’s Valentine’s gifts haha. Their meanings indicated below:

We ate at the President’s Tea House (I think?), thinking that it looks somewhat near authentic Chinese cuisine but the found out that it’s just a modern Chinese restaurant which even has a branch in Megamall. LOL.

Beef with broccoli

Fried noodles, yumyum!

Cream dory with corn sauce (if I remember correctly)

After lunch, we just bought some last-minute items on the way back (since we would still be going out the way we went in). I bought Carmi’s Jade Wou lu and what the signs which was considered my ally and my friend.

Here’s everything that we bought, a total of P2135 (if my addition is correct hahaha!). And in case you would like to know how much feng shui items cost, I included the price. 🙂


What I got, which included the Wish fulfilling tree that Mom bought for me.

What I bought, which included Mom’s crystals.

Mommy’s crystal balls. They’re just too cute. Haha. Meaning same as mine.

And here’s me, the only shot I got just after we got there. Amused and broke but happy hahaha. 😀

‘Til the next adventure! 😀


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