Untitled Weekend

So at the moment, I’m still getting used to the idea that I have all the time in the world when weekend comes. Whatever I wanna do, anything goes. It has its own ups and downs, though.

Anyway, I started weekend early by sleeping over at Carmi’s last Friday with Aprille. Travel back to LB took longer than expected and I arrived already a few minutes past midnight; by that time, Aps has already fallen asleep LOL. So we had to pick her up and then drove back to Carmi’s. Maybe we we’re just all too tired and sleepy that time that we never even got to take a picture or too. That’s something new haha. We never even got a chance to play Wii. Haha. We ate some pizza while catching up at the wee hours of the morning until we’re all too sleepy to move. Though that didn’t stop us from talking haha. Even with the lights were out Aps and I kept on while Carmi dozed off. LOL. Just like the old times. 🙂 Too bad the other girls weren’t able to make it.

Aps got me 2 bottles of Yakult for a be-happy-gift, but I don’t really drink that so she gave 1 to Ezra and took the other 1 for herself haha. She just gave the note to me to have instead. Thanks Aps! I appreciate it, though. :-*

Aps went back home really early while I stayed a little after lunch time. We did my nails first before I went back home, after insisting that I want to take  bath LOL. I never planned on staying that late so I have no change of clothes with me haha.

Pingu nail art

Here’s Pingu, a 5-10 minute show on Disney channel that I used to love a few years back. 😀  Though he wasn’t our model for this image but then it’s penguin anyway LOL.

And as always, I tend to eat more than too much during the weekend. Then came a happy surprise from Jiro: Yellow Cab pizza! He just came home from a recollection for the graduating class.

We just went crazy over this.  I can’t remember if there was a time he brought home pasalubong for us but this time it was something big. Haha. Talo pa daw ako na sumwesweldo kasi si Jiro nakapag-uwi ng Yellow Cab without even getting his baon for the trip hahaha. Family time. ♥

So there. I spent Sunday watching Pretty Little Liars. Catching up on the latest episodes of the season. It’s getting pretty intense! 🙂 Then Tetris and then eating. Tch. Haha. I gotta plan my next weekend for more activities to keep me from getting bored by myself. LOL.


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