Happy 27th Anniversary!

Our parents celebrated their 27th year together last Sunday. They’re just too lucky to be in love with their best friends. 🙂 I know that’s why my take on love and relationships are just all too realistic, because of them. Yes they fight and argue from time to time or sometimes regularly, LOL. But still, they know how to calm each other down and they just have that all too awesome connection. Even if they spend the day miles and SLEX apart, it seems so easy for them to still be connected. Something I would always want for me, too. 🙂

So there. For a change, they celebrated their anniversary away from us this time. LOL. On their 25th, they had renewal of vows (which I already forgot to blog as always haha). Last year, I think we just had a simple celebration over pizza and ice cream at home. This year, they went to the city for some alone time in the mall. Haha.

And the kids get to stay home with lunch money. YAY! We ate late lunch at Bonitos. Yummiest ravioli lasagna eveeeer! Needless to say, we ate so much and we had big dessert too! Haha. Which entails adding to the lunch money that we had which is supposed to be already too much. :))


 Jiro, Dwayne and I ate the same thing – Ravioli Lasagna. Bonito’s pasta is just really nomnomnom. Super yummy and just something to go back to over and over again.

Xylon had Spaghetti with Meatballs which actually just look like meatballs with some spaghetti, LOL.

After around 15 minutes:

This is Jiro’s.

And then Dwayne – the best way to get tire: EAT! 😀

And then for dessert, tada!

Those are blueberry cheesecakes with some kind of sugary stuff sticking out of it which tastes like cotton candy. Jiro finished off Dwayne’s Blueberry when he cannot take it in anymore haha.

Jiro and I had Banana Splits! Vanilla with Chocolate for me and Vanilla with Strawberry for him. Again, I wasn’t able to finish mine completely, Jiro finished it off for me, too!

There goes our day. Mom and Dad went to the strolling at mall that day, ate at Teriyaki Boi and bought Feng Shui stuff for each other haha. To more happy years at home. ♥


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