Grass at Week 3

Here are the updates for the growth of our tiny plants LOL. Mom’s grasshead grew faster because I didn’t know there were instructions on how to take care of it on the onset. I didn’t know it has to be fully submerged in water and that it has to be “bathed” daily haha.

As I recall, the instructions which were on the box were 1.) submerge it completely until it floats, 2.) always rinse the grasshead daily since the water doesn’t go straight up.

So here’s what they look now compared to when we just bought them:

I forgot mine at home last week and for “faster growth” it was placed near the window to get some sunlight even as little as possible, since here in the office all it gets is fluorescent lighting LOL. Mommy’s grasshead is placed near her window in the office.

We’re now in week 3 and mine finally caught up. Maybe it still follows the concept of photo-tropism (direction of the growth is determined by the location/direction of the source of light), since mine is just growing upwards due to the light bulbs and Mommy’s growing haywire since it has difference sources of light.

So there they are now. Colleagues will often stop by my table to ask if it’s real. LOL. One even thought it was a troll haha. 😀

‘Til the next update! 🙂


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