Growing Grass Heads


These are like mini potato heads whose heads are made up of I dunno, hay or whatever that is and contains grass seeds in them so when watered, grass will be sprouting from its head which will serve as its hair.

Mommy bought us these guys last week as we have been wanting to get them late last year when I saw buy one. And when I search the net on when to buy it, it’s always in Divisoria or Greenhills or somewhere far from me. So I was just so delighted when she texted me last Friday saying that she bought 2 grass heads. Teehee! That’s them originally. She already started growing them at home as I said it usually takes three days to grow some hair.

After scrutinizing that it’s a boy, since both of them has mustache  and that she wants it to be like her (haha), Mom found some stuff to dress them up. And of course I wouldn’t want mine to remain ordinary also. 😀 So there goes the revamped look of our grass heads!


Mine supposedly has a kissing look that’s why it’s like that, but looking at it, it just looks like a baby with a pacified. Haha.

Thanks Ma! :-*


4 thoughts on “Growing Grass Heads

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