Long Weekend Day 2: Project Yard

Continuation of day 1’s activities, we continued with the painting of the gate last Sunday while Mom and Dad did the 2 new dog houses. *Ahem* before you ask what kind of dogs we have, again, they’re just typical house dogs: “Strogs” as my brother always say (short for stray dogs or askals as they are called here).

So anyway, this is Mom’s project, as she claims for the Chinese New Year, since she’s so into those stuff – Feng Shui, lucky charms and all the fancies, so everything has to be fixed and proper. Haha.

Zorro’s house

Zorro (named as such because of the masked look on *her* face)

Dad and Mommy building Bower’s house

The Strogs – sinusutil yung toad

Painters’ stuff 😀

The gate that we’ve been painting for 2 day LOL

Bower sniffing my paint brush then sneezing after haha (named as such because he looks like the Boer goat)

Bower’s house has a window haha

Mom fitting the walls, I think? (ang sosyal lang ng dogs namin talaga haha)

Painter 1, wearing a giraffe headband. Haha. Dwayne was painter 2 on the 2nd day. I still have some paint dots splatters on my foot and arms LOL.

So there goes most of my weekend – family bonding over paints and dogs. 😀


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