Fat Weekend

Every weekend my eating capacity expands – and that’s already something expected. Then it shrinks a bit during the weekdays then expand again when I’m at home LOL.

This weekend started with breakfast at McDo with Carmi. We thought we’d have breakfast for a change, instead of lunch or just merienda. So I came home earlier than usual (naks! ;-)) and spent almost the entire morning catching up since she wasn’t in the country for the holidays. 50% of our catching up meant analyzing our current scenarios and 50% about our friends haha.

And she gave me my Wish list #2! 😀 Make-up brushes! Weeee~ I love ’em. I’ve just been staring at them or getting them out of their cases ever since but still haven’t tried them out. Haha. Maybe I’ll just leave them for display, eh? 😉


I’ve always wanted to try McDo’s Big Breakfast but always either craving for the hotcakes or thinks that I could never finish it off, given that it is big. But then…. I did. Haha.

After a few hours’ nap, Leo and I had late lunch at Bonito’s. Again, for a change instead of eating at home or fast foods. 🙂 And well, it’s both our paydays haha. NOM NOM the food.

Appetizer, Tomato Surprise. I really love these. They’re just breaded tomatoes with some cheese and bacon and lettuce.

Mine, Ravioli Lasagna. I always get this, maybe 90% of the time that I eat there. It’s just too yummy! I dunno how many blog posts or photos I have of this over the years haha.

Leo’s Chicken Alfredo. Nomnom also of course, but I’m always biased with the Ravioli. 😀

For dinner, we had what lack during the daytime meals – dessert! I blogged about it already last night [here]. Nomnomnom. Mernel’s Chocolate cake, our version of fruit salad/ref cake in a goblet, and Vanilla Ice cream. 😀

But no, our food fest did not end there. We had KFC bucket meal for dinner tonight since according to the boys I already promised them pizza start of the month, but given the time and my poor paycheck with lots of Late time in deductions this cut off, I said pizza will just be on the next payday. LOL.

And to top it off? I weighed myself since I didn’t after the holidays knowing that I gained weight. Yes, I did. More than just a little. Tsk. Oh well, it’s always fun to really pig out at home. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Fat Weekend

  1. Haha, bago na pala blog layout mo! So sipag naman!
    Nag Bonitos din kami ni Ckloy that day. Dinner naman, pero takeout, sa bahay namin kinain, hehe. And of course I had the ravioli lasagna din XD

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