2012 Day 10

Day 10: October

Ohnoes. I am just not in a great mood today. Literally and figuratively, hm? May literal version ng not-in-the-mood? Haha. I woke up at the wrong side, turned around side of the bed — meaning there were no happy vibes upon waking up, unless I count Iris blurting out she dreamed that she was in a relationship with Engchong Dee. LOLOL. As Arvin said, the atmosphere at work also is just so condusive for dementors to lurk in. Gah. Why are days like that? It just seems too bland. Anyway, I had Snickers, M&Ms and coffee for breakfast. Here are the M&Ms that look like a bottle of pebbles. Sadly, that’s not mine but my boss’. NOM though. 🙂

Evening went a notch higher, thought. We de-stressed while doing junk food/grocery shopping and bought the items below for the succeeding meals of the week haha. Then watched Pretty Little Liars until we became sleepy.


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