Cliché Lines

A friend just texted me about a quote on finding someone who you can live with or without. It was stated to pick the person whom you can’t live without. Why is that?

I answered, otherwise.

Why will you select someone whom you can’t live without instead of the person whom you can live with? I’d rather have someone who I know I can bear the thought of waking up every single day next to him and not wishing I’m rather some place else, or worse, dead. LOL. Wishing for someone whom you can’t live without will eventually wear off/pass/or after sometime and experiences and adventures, you’ll eventually move on. I know that line is just so cliché, at some point, just the opposite mirror of each other, but still, I’d always choose the one I know I can have plain and boring days with but still remain happy and satisfied. Someone who can bear my most difficult attitude and most crappy mood. ♥

Another cliché line, this time I read at a friend’s Facebook update: “The one I love or the one who loves me?”

Answer: The one who loves me.

Efforts go a long way. They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, I say, the way to a woman’s heart is through effort. Well, at least for me. It means so much to have someone go out of their way just to be in touch with you, whether this is physical or just electronic – just something to show you are remembered and appreciated and longed for. Haha. Sorry, I’m all for security, I guess. As discussed in Psych back in college, those efforts will make you question your might-be-delighted-and-kilig reactions, then in turn love realizations will eventually kick in. I know that. Proven. ♥


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