Magic bb: Before-Summer Goal

After all the holiday food that I have enjoyed and consumed, I know I have gained a few pounds or even a kilo maybe. I haven’t checked, I’m to chicken to check, since I have been watching my weight in time for Vesma’s wedding last December. And I managed to slim down, nobody will react negatively to that, since I really did, nyaha! But since my mindset was only until the wedding, I have been eating a lot ever since the week after the weeding, and that was a week before Christmas. LOL.

So here goes, one 2012 goal, save up for this exerciser before summer starts. 🙂 I have been using AB Rocket before I went to stay in Manila. I brought an exercise ball with me but it has been staying at our room, as a decoration or as an extra seat at times haha.

Excited for you, Summer. 🙂


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