2012 Day 1 and Day 2

I shall commit to blogging everyday at least for the next 12 days only. As they say, the way you spend the first 12 days of the year will predict how the next 12 months will go about. I never actually believe that LOL but just for the fun of it, let’s see how this goes.

Day 1 : January
Last Sunday was actually very eventful, in the matters of the heart. I woke up late and started the day half way. Spent half of it at home and some of it at his home. It was a day of emotions – high and super lows. As things were pretty much heated, more so towards the evening, it still ended up well and stable. Love and apologies summarizes the day. Oh, I was still sick this day too.

January will be a month of love’s high and lows, eh? 🙂

Day 2: February
Still feeling sick. 1st work day of the year. I wasn’t all that busy and work was pretty light or really light LOL. Heart was stable most of the day and light mood in the office as well. We had lunch out with the #mostwonderfulbossever (haha #sipsip) for his birthday and then evening was groceries and rest, or so at least before we got to a very mababaw argument again. Hmm.

February will be just so-so at work and in heart? 🙂

I shall blog about today’s activities tomorrow again. Toodles!


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