Flying Without Wings

Tagaytay is for forgiveness.

That is one of the road signs you will see when you get off past the Rotonda and in front of Tagaytay Medical and Hospital Center. Ironically, we needed that because of the extreme road we’ve been at the previous week.

One of our friends (well, his originally then became mine too, LOL) will supposedly be moving to Dubai this week for work and we had our last out-of-town trip together. No plans but just to hang out and spend the last remaining moments stress-free.

After having our lunch, we headed straight to picnic grove for some sight-seeing and to try to the zipline. It wasn’t my first as we had that as part of the activities during the company team building last July (which of course, no surprise there, I haven’t blogged about LOL), so I know it wouldn’t be that scary as the first time. Also since the harness has that stretcher-like thingie to strap you in, unlike at Phillip’s Sanctuary wherein it was really just straps.

So finally after convincing everybody (since ahem, not all of us wanted to try it out, ahem <3) that it will be the last time that we’re all together and all the drama we could muster, they gave in. I just wanted to try it for the sake of trying the stretcher thing and flying across hills with my boyfriend. ❤

 And there he enjoyed it one way or another and I managed to have him stretched out his hands like superman during part of the ride haha. It was fun because we rode it side by side, but the actual ride wasn’t really that thrilling. It was too slow and the only time it will actually move a bit faster was when it was nearing the stop. Hrhr.

We hang out at Starbucks overlooking Taal Volcano after that. ‘Twas my first time there and the view was even much better than at picnic grove! Just simple serenity.

So there goes, happiness attained at a higher altitude. LOL. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Flying Without Wings

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