Endless Forgiveness

That is what the homily was about earlier. Don’t you just hate it at the same time find it so amazing when you can completely relate to what the priest is saying? It’s the right message at the right time. No more, no less.

The past week has been a mess, even if I was productive at work one war or another. There are times when it’s just too painful to forgive and we just want to move forward with our lives. Then again,  the things that happen are not in our control; so the things we do about it shall be lifted up to Him, even if it’s so hard to wait to know what the next step will be. Sometimes, you just don’t want to do anything about it and just stay numb and mad as you are, at least you won’t feel hurt. Right?

Sigh. Why does it is so hard to let go of the pain sometimes? When we already know that we just have to let it go so that we can forgive and forget? Why do we keep it to ourselves and let us get burned in the process? People are weird and crazy.

Endless forgiveness. It won’t stop ringing in my head now. And maybe for the next couple of days or even weeks. Maybe there really isn’t so much? I can only take in so much. I can only tolerate so much. I can only do so much. Love is a battlefield at the same time unfair; one will always love more the other but it doesn’t mean they’re not loving you with the best they can.

Sigh. Endless forgiveness. “Lord bless me with a heart like yours so that I can forgive. I know my patience is already way beyond normal, but I think I still need it stretched since it might be curling backwards already.”

In life, there might really not be a “so much” scenario because you can always do more. What about in love? Hmm.

Forgive with the best strength that you can and with utmost love. Still, don’t let the heart get beaten all too badly and abused. It may eventually wear off and give up without it meaning to.

Remember: Endless forgiveness.


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