All My Bags Unpacked

After around 3 months travelling from work to home and vice-versa, spending less than 5 hours sleep in bed, 2 hours sleep in the bus and approximately 4 hours bus time, I finally moved in the city. Exciting yet stressful at the same time. For the meantime it’s a not-so-good stress since I’d be worrying everyday what my breakfast, lunch and dinner will be since we still don’t have stove and gas. Exciting that I’d be having an extra 2 hours of sleep on the bed and that work will just be around 15 minutes away.

I share the room with my officemate, Iris and this is our first conjugal property LOL!

I just so love the place. It’s so nice, cozy and homey. We have everything right now except cooking materials but it’s still so nice. We’ve been watching movies for the past two days haha.

I am a person who loves moving at the same times not moving. I love, love, love the comfort of home and that the peace of mind knowing that you’ll always be fed no matter what time of the day it is (I miss you Mommy and the food!) and also I love change in environment. I like having a separate place of work and of home. I like going home knowing that I’d be far away from the stress at work. The week is already half way done and being in our “new house” and finding food to eat during dinner has been fun. I know the so-called diet (trans: due to limited funds and cooking resources) will not last long and of course I’d be thankful for that; but like the cavemen during primitive age, it’s a journey of scavenging for a tummy fill. LOL.

On the other hand, which is the cheesy side, I still miss being in the same town as him, knowing that his home is just a jeepney and a tricycle away without the South Luzon Expressway between us. We don’t always see each other during weekdays before since I arrive home late but we do when we can, and I know with me being away, weekday meet ups will not be possible. I miss you ❤

And ’til the next condo event. 🙂


3 thoughts on “All My Bags Unpacked

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