Monday Miracle = Good Vibes

LOL. The miracle this early morning was that I was able to get a seat on the bus the moment I climbed in. I was chanting to myself upon leaving home that I will definitely get a seat on the bus even if that will mean waiting for the *right* bus. Usually commuting on a Monday is really a hell of a ride since everybody is going back to the city and no matter how early I try (and no matter how my brother keeps on insisting na “agahan mo kasi” which I always answer “inaagahan din nilang lahat!”) I end up standing all the way to the city.

This morning was different. HAHA. There was a reason why I was so slow and did not leave the house early; there was a reason the jeep I was riding stopped by at too many locations that I missed the bus going to LRT/Taft (which I was hoping to ride since it doesn’t usually have that many passengers for a Monday; and there was a reason that even if I swore I won’t be riding the bus going to Cubao, I still flagged it down and ask if there are seats left since it is just weird that upon opening the door there aren’t any people overflowing at the aisle. LOL.

So in short, I got a seat on the bus this morning and was able to continue sleeping until it was time to go down. 😀

I had already set it that I get breakfast around here every Monday to jumpstart the week. This time I ate at Tropical Hut since I wanted juice and coffee. They serve juice and coffee together with their breakfast meals and the pancakes just cost P45. Or so I thought, LOL just after a few weeks they increased the price and is now in par with McDo and the others at P50. Hrhrhr.

Here’s to hoping that this will be a good month! I had my hair done ~semi-rebond~ yesterday after a year haha. No more bad hair days for at least a good 6 months again. 🙂

11 days to go til my Harry Potter birthday hihii. 😀


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