Wednesday Blues and Bus Girl

Who said anything about pre-birthday blues? I for one never got them. Ever. That is, until now. I had been searching for what was bothering me since yesterday and I couldn’t seem to pin point it out until early this morning when I *assisted* some kid on how to get to where she was supposed to go since the provincial buses don’t drop passengers at any point now. I was at first irritated (since I was trying to sleep and she keeps on talking) on how she was arguing bargaining with the bus conductor that she needs to go down at this certain place but was told that they only stop now at certain places. So she asked the conductor to tell her when she needs to get down which turned out was the same as mine.

So eventually I fell asleep and woke up just before our stop. I don’t think she heard the conductor telling the passengers to get ready to go down so I tried to signal her (she was sitting next to me) that we’re going down, she misunderstood me and just thought I want to pass through. I hesitated in just standing up and leaving her there, okay so the good samaritan in me kicked in, so I took a step back since I’ve already stood up and ready to go down the door and told her this is the stop she needed to go down at. Turned out she was wearing her earphones and didn’t hear anything. Tch. When your travelling and relying on people to tell you where to get off, you should at least try to be vigilant and listen. She too went down after me. I thought she knew where she’ll be going because she disappeared. And then.. “Ate! Ate, saan po yung sakayan ng bus papunta don?” LOL she speed up to follow me. Haha. And so there, I pointed it and she asked if I’m going there also. I said yes and told her what bus to look out for and where she will get off, what sign, etc. And again, it turned out she chose to just wait and ride the bus with me LOL. The bus came, “Una ka na, Ate.” I smiled and climbed in. “Patabi po ako.” I just smiled again since I was still a bit groggy from sleeping to chitchat her on where she’s going. Upon getting off, we then separate ways, “salamat po!” she said.

So where does the blues come in? LOL. It’s the “Ate! Ate!” It’s like, OMG I’m past the quarter-life marker age point. And then there goes (and I was deliberately stopping myself from doing so) the, W-questions and the “how to get what I want” as the thoughts fade out. Tch. So I guess this started when my boss asked how old am I, while of course getting the surprised feedback from co-workers, it still sucks to realize that really, I am not as young as before (well, duh, of course).

Ptooey. As if I can do something about my crappy thoughts instantly, I opted for the more obvious solution: FOOD. I needed yummy morning food since also I wasn’t able to have breakfast at home and Mom wasn’t able to prepare my sandwich (hihi).

Anyway, this might prolly just because of my damn hormones. Hrhrhr. YAY it’s Wednesday already! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Blues and Bus Girl

  1. Dami mo ata time sa office at sunod sunod ang posts mo dito a :))
    Hay, sanay na ako matawag na Ate. Ganun talaga pag mas bata mga classmates at labmates mo sayo :)) Pero ok lang yan, we don’t look our age naman daw e. Buti nalang maliit tayo XD

    • Bahahaha mga lull times while waiting for office to start since lagi akong maaga (doh) hahaha. Sanay naman ako sa Ate haller pero tinotopak lang ata ako nung day na yan haha. And yeah that’s the positive side of our height 😉

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