After Seven Days

Hello external stress, you’re back again! 🙂 And so after around three months of bumming around and sleeping in until it’s lunch time, here I am again completely with a different schedule wherein sleep is so hard to take a hold of. Yet I gladly welcome it with open arms. 🙂

And now officially after a week (well, since this post gets to be delayed over and over again LOL, I started it with “After Day Three”), I think somehow I’ve already adjusted. That’s not only talking about that I have to wake up at 4 in the morning which now turned to 4:30 haha and that I have enjoyed sleeping in the bus again after that so that usually gives me more or less 5-6 hours per day, but also with learning things again. I think the only missing link in that everyday workaround schedule is TV time so I have to make up for movies here and there. I know even though commuting everyday (I have yet to find an apartment or condo nearby) is pretty exhausting and rids me of possible weekday night outs or something, I’m enjoying it. At least I get to still sleep in my own bed, get lunch from Mom, minus the rice since we have unlimited rice in the office — YAY! though not much of an impact since I’ve already cut down on rice. But hey that’s one of the different things I love about it, usually it’s unlimited coffee that they provide, this one gives rice haha. 🙂

So there, it just feels so good to be home early on a Friday since last week was just crazy since it was a long weekend, hence a double long line and waiting time to ride the bus home. But today even with the rains and all, I got home early (we were granted early out since it’s really flooding everywhere in Manila).

Now, I am going to enjoy a good night’s sleep knowing that I don’t have to wake up before the sun rises. And hopefully, the storm Falcon will have greatly subsided by tomorrow. 🙂


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