May be the end

Wake me up when May ends, was what I was always wishing, thinking that maybe if the month ended so will all the bad vibes. And finally it did. It wasn’t a good month, honestly speaking. It was really more than an “Anchor’s Away ride” (I hate Anchor’s Away more than the rollercoaster, LOL), for it doesn’t only shook me/us but turned things upside down. It’s between finding your place in the country’s workforce, finding your self and finding what will make everything work out. 911 from friends here and there were just comfort, knowing that the solution is within you. It was indeed a test of patience and the ability to not let words get through me. That’s one thing I learned from being a call center agent back then, bad things that ain’t true and are just said to hurt you shall go into one ear and go out in the next. It’s the ability to regulate your emotions, knowing when to feel the pain and when to be numb. Something which I never knew I could; I thought I was just the emotional-it hurts-I cry-I cry some more person.

“In the face of true love, you don’t just give up… even if the object of your affection is begging you to.” 

And ironically, while in the midst of a near-end argument, I received this forwarded quote:

“If things are happening according to our wishes, that is an answered prayer. But if they’re not, we are blessed because they are happening according to God’s will.”

Then again? If things aren’t going the way I want them to be? I’m too stubborn to accept that they can’t be what I want them to be. Trials happen to tell us God is teaching us a lesson, too. Effort counts and actions are indeed louder.

At the end of this yet another hot, crazy and somewhat tiring (literally and figuratively) day, it rained and I got this “peace-offering”:

Though I was more thankful for the hugs and the talk that made us realize what we can’t do without, it’s still my favorite cake. LOL. NOMNOM. Thank you.

At the right time, wishes and prayers do come true. 🙂


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