Friendster’s Last Day

Hrhrhr. I heard it’s the social networking site’s last day. I had already downloaded my profile and old photos way back when they started the rumor (which really turned out to be true) that the site’s going down. Well, Aprille was panicking about the photos back then that I really had to back and retrieved them all LOL.

Looking back, since the profile contained everything: from photos, messages and testimonials, I can see how much I’ve changed and grown. I looked even different somehow, though younger as some says LOL. 😀 But anyway, I was just talking to Aps saying that I forgot I was friends and really close with some friends whom I thought now are just mere acquaintances and classmates back then. From 2003-2011, that’s around 7 years worth of growing up, people really break ties. And from the testimonials of old schoolmates, I know I have changed a lot.

It’s funny how people used to tell people how much they matter back during those days. Maybe that’s one thing I will always like about Friendster then, it’s the good stuff that matters that make you remember your friends. You wouldn’t put the bad stuff on your testimonials, you just remember the good stuff. 🙂 Because at the end of the day, that’s all that matters. How happy you were and how happy you are now.

Experiences in life, both good and bad, will always be needed to teach us how to grow up and cope with life’s difficulties that changes everyday and every turn of the decade. Insights change, personalities get better, friends come and go and those that truly matter stay. 🙂

And yes, there are the girls that has been consistent in being part of my life for around a decade or so now. 🙂 We change, distance bring us apart, we still have disagreements and yet we still choose to stick together no matter how annoying or stubborn the other is. These are the people who have been my wall and support through all the ups and downs of my life.

I am not the person I was in high school or in college, I am better, stronger and yet I can still choose to act so immaturely at times hrhrhrhr. And my fondness for drama and words and all colorful and cute stuff never did falter. 🙂


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