To the last Piso date!

Super sweet song that I just saw from Carmi’s post. ❤

After more than an hour or so of debate and argument much careful “deliberation”, he was able to convince me to attend his baccalaureate mass last Tuesday morning even if we slept around 2am already. LOL. It was both a peaceful and uneasy feeling to be back there alone without anything related to me to do or without Dwayne or the parents around. But it was for him, so heck with all the unnecessary thoughts, it’s just an hour or so anyway. 🙂

We had breakfast at Jollibee after because I was already starving by then. LOL. Pancakes!!! Tch. I love McDo’s hotcake better (and yeah he was just snickering while I was complaining while I start to eat my food), together with the butter and the syrup hrhrhr. But I was stuffed anyway since I was suddenly craving for some pancakes then hoping that we’d still catch the Breakfast meals. He got a Longganisa and egg stuffed pandesal, I think? Plus, we had fries YAY YAY.

Fast forward, we suddenly decided to hit SM. And because we’ve already spent the money on breakfast and jeepney fare, we need a rescue LOL. YAY for his Mama to the rescue hahahaha. 🙂 Our cash on hand then was just P230 something which shall include fares to there and back. We didn’t have any plans on buying anything anyway, we just want to stroll somewhere cool since it was freaking hot these days, even here in LB.

Window shopping here and there. From cute stuff, love stuff, exercise stuff, shirts, shades, blouses, cellphones, cameras and more cameras, slippers, shoes, and another round more for clothes (which usually he has to beg me to go to the Men’s department after my turn ayii ❤ thanks for being uberly patient <3). We had some super garlic peanuts just to munch around with, too.

It was already after lunch then and food here and there were already calling out to us. We initially planned on just eating at McDo with the P50 meals so that the budget fits LOL. But Mang Inasal seemed yummier. BBQ!!!! And yeah, I was on my super-craving-whatever week so again, I had what I wanted haha. He got chicken as usual also. NOMNOM. BUSOG. 😀

Then we continue on our journey to go around the mall, this time to the appliance store and the department store since we’re running out on the stalls and stores to look at. I was looking at the refrigerators and telling him which is my dream ref haha and what might suit us in the end. ❤ And that started it all. We were already looking through several house appliances and gadgets pretending to buy and thinking over what is needed and what is not. It was funny and really sweet at the same time.

I got to buy the lollipop with the popping candies hrhrhr. I have been wishing to see one for several weeks now. To end our SM date, since he needs to get back to finish some school stuff, we still have more munnnyyyy hahaha. I think we still have around 60 by the time we need to head back plus we saw his Dad and got another 20. 😀 YAY.

So after all the jeepney fares have been deducted, we still got some for a late afternoon snack! I was just craving for coke then, much simpler, while he had Turon and some donut like bread; I got a cheese bread too.

We went home earlier than usual but it was suffice to say that the was seriously fun. Maybe what made us enjoy it more was the fact that we were counting until the last peso to think of what to do and where to go that we even forgot to take photos of us together. LOL.

My pasalubong the other week when I went to the mall: BARIL. HAHA. It was just too funny to buy that.

‘Til the next one! ♥


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