When a “No” means “Because”

There are times when you have to say “no” even if you don’t want to. It’s when there are so many damn reasons why you can’t and maybe you’re not just brave enough to do so. They say, “if there’s a will, there’s a way” or “kung gusto may paraan, kung ayaw may dahilan.” What if kaya ayaw mo nga kasi may dahilan ka na di mo alam kung paano? There are certain decisions in life that we make knowing its consequences, we just have to make sure that its worth all the risks and pains. And if it is, just stick with it and just let these stupid ramblings pass away. 😦

Bakit minsan ang hirap magexplain pag alam mong makakasakit ka din sa explanation mo? 😦

These are just ramblings. Plz go away.


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