Crazy Little Thing Called Love (aka First Love) Review

(GAHH! I have this review in my drafts since March 20 LOL, it’s almost a month! HAHA)

I was seeing Mario Mauro’s name in my New Feed in Facebook and in Tumblr this past few days. I didn’t really found out what they were going crazy about until I asked Carmi to give me some “make-me-feel-good-and-stop-thinking-of-anything-stupid” mood that has been lingering about since the other day. Damn the time of the month. Ugh. Anyway, she was suggesting I watch My Girlfriend’s a Gumiho (which I am currently watching and can’t seem to stop) then remembered this movie. There goes our fan girl moments. 🙂

Being a typical (really it is the story of a girl’s high school life) high school movie, it’s about Nam, played by Baifern Pimchanok, crushing over a senior, Shone played by Mario Mauro, who is everybody’s crush back then. There goes all the crazy little stuff that she did to make him notice her. From following a guide-book on how to get the guy of your dreams to trying to join a pretty girl’s club and then ended up joining a theater club by the most hilarious teacher ever. Seriously, she makes me laugh that even if she haven’t done anything big yet, I always starts laughing. Carmi and I were arguing who she look like most and just deciding it was Mama Dionesia (Manny Pacquiao’s mother).


This is the scene where they were wishing on a star, a suggestion from the book. It’s around the 5:00 mark. [link]

And here’s my version (taken in front of Carmi’s cabinet after we watched the movie LOLOL). Except that I put the stars to connect the dots in the form of his name hiiiihi. Carmi said I should have just literally connected the lines.

"The only star that I always wait to see everyday, I want it to be the only same star that you also keep an eye on."

Original version 🙂

Anyways, I find it funny how dark or how weirdly dark Nam’s skin was during her early years. LOL. We were laughing so much about her yellow skin due to what? Papaya or might even looked like she soaked in some Squash haha. But then next few scenes she was so bright and pretty! Now, we’d all want that thing haha. It was just weird also that she was the only one who got prettier when they turn several years older. P’Shone didn’t even changed. Haha. He was a pretty boy all through out. Cuteness from the start. 🙂

It was a feel-good movie definitely. A sweet comedy from the start. It doesn’t make you think of your serious one (because some makes you think deep upon watching them) and just go with the giddy feeling of watching it. I’m not really a fan of the ending.. err.. it could have ended a bit better or even tragic if you ask me, something like My Best Friend’s Wedding type of thing–realistic. Then again, it’s a movie to make you feel good so it can do hihi. Who knows that maybe for some, that does happen, 9years of being apart assuming with no communication and the boom! LOL.

I remember these scenarios in high school like when I’d be squealing in delight whenever a crush older than me will smile at me and more so when he danced with me during Prom. LOL. This will also make you remember your high school friends who have supported your antics to spy, stalk or simply get a glimpse of your crush–all out support! 😀

It’s really a high school movie that not only high school kids can relate to but anyone who has passed through the best years of a student’s life (yes, high school days is the best for me). It’s a good movie to watch with high school friends too to remember the good ol’ days when you remember the silly stuff you did because of your crushes. I sure had a good laugh with Kup while asking if she did that or that and remembering other moments back then. 😀

Screen caps from all over the net, mostly from Tumblr.

Little Nam

Played Snow White's part

Big Nam after receiving the rose from P'Shone

Nam after admitting her feelings to Shone


Here’s a link of the movie in YouTube.  🙂 Enjoy!


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