Precious Moments

Life surprises us with the simplest moments that may leave a deeper mark than other moments pushed to make it extra special. Then again maybe it’s the person that we’re with, who makes the simplest walks under a not-so-cloudy day, a quick lunch, a one game of hoops and a 30-minute Tekken battle-with-1/10-win, just delightful.

I sit here staring at the photo of the face I would want to stare at for always. Today, I slept in until he was ready for lunch. I did nothing but watch My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and edit my SP while waiting when I could see him again. A relaxing day in short. Maybe this is indeed part of “young love” as they say, the early stages when nothing may keep you apart (as much as possible); holding on to the time when you can still be together at the times you wish in a snap. Then again, maybe this is just us, crazy in love even though time comes when we just want to do a one-hit-combo and take each other out LOL. 😛

I dunno what else am I thinking, I’m just happy. 🙂


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