Idle Times

Turned out Eclipse didn’t really change anything except that I’m a little more irritated now. Hmm. A feeling at least. Before going to sleep last night I realized what’s not right. I wouldn’t call it wrong, it’s just it’s not right. It’s like something was not in its proper place or something like that. Before, I was used at being along in my alone times. I was used and I enjoyed nobody to bug me what am I doing, if I wanna go out, and the likes. Simply, I can enjoy moments at home doing nothing but be with the Internet world. LOL. But now he’s in the picture. He’s there during free times which can almost equal to most of the time. He got me used to the fact that he’s always here beside me, literally. I know it would come to this point one way or another that our schedules won’t make it anymore to be together like the way it was for the past weeks. Tina always tells me, Love is the business of the idle. And so that stuck. I had the sudden urge to work asap because I don’t want idle times. Idle times is driving me crazy when I’m just with the laptop. Ugh. Boredom. Literal ramblings.

Shall watch Crazy Little Thing called Love (aka First Love) to get my mind off of stupid stuff.


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