It was our first Saturday (last week, March 12) to spend together since I resigned from work. With no plans and specific place to go we just walk around trusting our tummy err our feet where to take us. One step, two steps, and yes we don’t ride the jeepney during our dates; seemingly time would run faster if so. And not surprisingly, our first stop was at Choconanaz, that’s after deciding that we don’t want anything at MiniStop (where we usually just sit down and pig out LOL).

Our food stops involved: McDo coke float, Dunkin’s Chocobutternut and Nutty Chocolate Donuts, Balat ng Chikon, Ahl’s Better-than-Sex cake and walang balat na mani. NOMNOMNOM.

Our walkathons a.k.a. food trips will go around the campus stopping at every 24/7 convenience store along the way–with or without intention of buying something. The pit stops will be at any available bench or whatever place we can stop, rest and talk for longer than a while.

Simple moments like that keeps us busy for hours without us realizing two or more hours has passed with us just side by side talking about anything under the clouds or sometimes the sun and stars.

Then again, nothing is as simple as loving and being together. ❤


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