Double Down

FINALLY. Ugh forgive me for I have only tasted this mouth-watering treat yesterday. LOL. Srsly, every time that we go to KFC it’s not always available that I sooner gave up on it. Hrhrhr. But LOL and behold it was delivered to my table yesterday — as a peace-offering — double yummy. Hahahaha. Thus, it tasted maybe twice as good eating it with a kilig heart ❤ (the story behind shall just be called a Sunday-After-Church Mishap ;-))

Anyway, going back to this delectable treat from my <3, I was actually staring and analyzing it for a full minute or so. Imagine eating two pieces of chicken fillet plus the mayo and the cheese and the bacon? Even someone as matakaw as me thought I cannot finish it. Well, that’s just it, I only thought I couldn’t haha. And who does eat KFC chicken without rice? Hrhrhrr. I ate it with a bit of rice. Just a spoonful (overflowing, though). YUM. YUM. NOM. And another NOM. 😀

Who stay mad after eating a Double Down? Nah me. And after giving him the last bite (yes, I still shared this goodie), I asked, “Away ulit tayo mamayang gabi?” (can we fight again tonight) 😀


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