2010 Was Way Better Than Expected

I was suppose to finish and post this blog yesterday but got too sleepy to do so LOL. So with less than 24 hours since another year started, how did your 2010 go? Mine was way, way better than expected. I never expected it to end this way either. When the year started, I had only one thing in my mind: I have to start working again because I am completely broke and I needed to replenish funding for more barkada outings and out of town gimiks. I guess I still don’t have the mind of a 24 year old back then who literally have no concrete plans for the future. All I can see was around 6 months down the road, all I wanted then was money and something better to do with my time plus more photos to take.

January — I started working at Trace College. I hosted a mini seminar or first event for the year, LOL. I met and gained new friends.

February — We had Hearts at Trace and Trace Fair: first nerve-wracking and exhausting event for the year. LOL and behold that was just the start of everything. The month when I learned that I can do graphic design. Hrhrhr.

Hearts at Trace

March — Pacman vs. Clottey stress over satellite signals. Graduation.  Bonding times with my favorite boys.

April — Design overload, Tina and I were swamped with designs for the coming enrollment here and there. Overtime, overtime, overtime. A colleague’s contract ended which surprised us all. Ozine Fest with Pochay, Kate and Ate Oni, on the lighter side.

Ozine Fest 2010 at SM Megatrade Hall

at St. John the Baptist Parish

May — Sea Age Swimming event, it was my first time to use my boss’ Nikon D90 and D3 to capture the swimming championships at the same time the party. Moments are just moments. fleeting with a reason why it cannot stay that way forever.

Me and Nikon D3 - heavy

Labor Day Alabang lunch with my boys

June — Toycon 2010. Start of another school year. New round of events, new people, new friends again. 😀 I remembered I haven’t uploaded any of the Toycon  pics! LOL.

July — Silver birthday hahays.  Plus I got the Carpal Syndrome, tsk.


Paraffin Wax Therapy at LBDH

My birthday surprise, with Eppie 🙂

August — All I have been busy with during this month was the Linggo ng Wika event that I was in charge of. I can’t think of anything particular that happened else this month except that LOL.

I cut my hair short that time too! And that's my carpal brace

September — It was the town’s celebration-Bañamos Festival, it was the first time we stayed round-the-clock, like 24hrs in the school for the preparation of the festival which had the kickoff there. We were also doing a big paper mache horse for the parade for a week prior. I also met Bamboo and the rest of the band plus Imago again. And this was also when cupid took things into action. ♥


Paper Mache horse in the making

Documentation girls

September was star-studded

October — Birthdays! His birthday and family’s Baguio trip during Dad’s birthday. 🙂

His birthday at Megamall

Ice cream while walking along Session Road

Family picture before leaving the Colione hotel

November — Harry Potter! 🙂 We watched Harry Potter with some friends and I made him watch the movies before the 7th but he could only do the 6th haha I still love him for that. Hahays ♥ It was also the Traceletics during this month which had us going for a week-long event. Whew. There are times when secrets add spices and excitement to the relationship and times when we were just plain normal couple who argue and make up. Haha

First movie date

My creation again 🙂

December — Simbang gabi, I completed it again YAY. Company christmas party which had me dancing to the tune of Bad Romance and Telephone for the Lady Gaga dance competition hrhrhr, imagine me dancing?! LOLOLOL. And a happy Christmas with the whole family and plus spending the time when the clock strikes 12mn to December 25 with him. ♥ Fireworks plus late night walks and hugs for Christmas. And before the year ended and before we all go back to work, we literally spent each day together as much as we can. It’s such a relief and just plain happiness that both our families know all about us now haha. 🙂

(photos to follow, I haven’t uploaded most of it LOL and the internet is acting up. Tch.)

So there you go, I clearly say that I love 2010. It has its own weird and crazy ups and downs but as the year ended, I smile knowing that I learned as I got wounded, loved, cried and loved more and found more about myself than in the past years. One of the few (I need MemoPlus Gold LOL) things that had stuck with me throughout the year was what Eppie had said before, “we might not know exactly where and what we want to happen, but as we go along we eliminate and know the things that we don’t want.”


4 thoughts on “2010 Was Way Better Than Expected

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  2. Saya naman ng 2010 mo. So productive, hehe! I’m happy for you kup. Pansin ko tuwing bday month ko super busy ka, hahaha.
    Inggit ako, gusto ko rin ng 2010 wrap up entry XD Try ko gumawa soon, hehe

    • Haha kala ko nga yung last entry mo pang 2010 e :)) Wala pa akong pang Christmas at lahat ng backlog ko ng 2010 e backlog blog parin hahahaha

      and yeah, laging busy ang September! Bday mo daw kasi hehe 😀

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