Reason or Emotion

(September 30 post, LOL I didn’t get to publish this, weird. I just saved it.)

“When your feelings get strong for someone, it’s wise to stop for a while and give your heart a time to breathe. A time to use your mind; to weigh the situation based on reason not on emotion, because the saddest thing that can happen is when one falls in love while the other one’s not sure of what s/he wants. Love can sometimes be magic, but magic can sometimes be an illusion.”

Alviar and I were arguing over love earlier, both coming from weird “heart breaks” we were both maybe still stunned with what the heck this magic is all about. Believe me when I say that after feeling so high at one point then feeling so down low the next, you have the tendency to forget such feelings of sparks and magic exists or simply this thing called love. He asked, “pano mo nga ba malalaman?” A question I know, he has already felt over and over again for several of his girls (LOL). And I merely answered, kelan na nga ba?” That was the first thought on my mind back then. It took me a while to answer with some sense stating incredible feelings of bliss whenever that person, you are “in love” with, is around.

Going back to the quotation above, what if it’s not emotion that came first but reason? Reason, which can also me decision. What if you just decided to love someone and not felt it come naturally? What happens next? I have long believe that love can be learned, or rather developed. Psychology 1 back in college told of several usual questions you would be asking yourself why you are with that person, why you always talk to that person, given the scenario you are not “just friends”, and eventually you would come to the conclusion that you’re in love. Or so I’d like to believe. LOL.

I’m just rambling again with jumbled thoughts in my head this early in the morning. I really should blog more and maybe I’d understand what I’m thinking better that way. Harrr.


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