Surreal in general means bizarre or dreamlike.

There are moments that seriously take us by surprise. They come in the oddest moments, like when you thought you won’t be able to feel that giddy again because you’re too busy with work to feel it. It’s when you’re ready or not and it’s when God knows you needed it the most. It’s weird how love goes. I just can’t stop saying Surreal these days because it certainly is. I feel like I’m living a fairytale that I have yet to conceive. Every word, every moment feels like a breath of fresh air, the one which you have forgotten what it felt like. It’s so surreal that it has yet to sink in, it has yet to be fully absorbed and be basked in its glory. Things maybe going way fast beyond my speedometer control but somehow, one way or another, it feels right. It feels right that it’s scary at the same time. It’s the feeling of being torn of wanting it all and falling so fast and the feeling of slow motion since you’ve just gotten out of the intoxication of a complicated ride. Then again, I know I think too much. To hell with the rules and norms, life can be a fairy tale once in a while. ❤


3 thoughts on “Surreal

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