Last Blog About…

I typed most of this on my phone last Sunday…

The homily was about obsession. He was the first one who came to my mind. Was I just obsessed about winning that I eventually let go even when Tina was always nagging and reminding me that I have waited for this/him for far too long to just give up? Or obsessed with the idea of him per se, since we used to have that instant connection, that Eppie kept on scolding me that the level of my daily dose of happiness and stress tolerance was heavily dependent on him? Tch. Maybe a cross between the two. And then again…it wasn’t just nothing. Even if I can manage to act nonchalant now, I did love the guy. LOL the guy? Hrhrhr. The verb being past tense since I already chose to stop hoping and dreaming of a happy ending with him.

Today, I wish you well. I’m happy where I am right now despite of all the stress there is. I’m happy because of the people around me. There are one or more several things that makes me smile recently and that’s not me being bitter about “us”. These people do make me giddy. There are times when God answers as fast as a speed of light or maybe at least sound? Heee. And I hope you are too 🙂 For all the memories and the time spent, thank you.

Today, for me it was crazy. It was a roller coaster ride of emotions, i.e. stress. As there were times when you eventually cry because of too much happiness, there are also times when you smile despite of crying at first. 🙂 For all those who made today bearable and took my stress away, a huge thanks. I feel literally like it’s my birthday. 😀

I got an edible bear and a huggable bear ^________^

Gummy pack to follow. 😀


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