Lakai Dog Show 2010

LAKAI All Breed Dog Show 2010 was held on August 7 and 8 at TRACE College. This was the first time I’ve seen an actual dog show and I was expecting stunts and all haha but LOL they were just gonna be inspected for their walk and stance. Hihi so there I just took mostly pics of the cute dogs and the less scary ones. I thought they were exaggerating when they say that the owners do spend a lot and require a lot from these dogs and why would they need dozens and dozens of electric sockets, turned out the dogs needs those and some need not even just one electric fan but two or more. And there were even dogs that required air conditioning! Hahaha. Some of them do cost around a million, some hundred thousands and more. Srsly.

He's enjoying the air

He's chooo cute!

Black Chiwawa

Doggy doesn't wanna kiss Pearl LOL

The Golden Retriever has his own aircon 😀

Grooming stations

This is Chow chow the Prince 🙂 He's just so fluffy and friendly!

Shitzu licking Tina Hello LOL!

Wonder what they're whispering about?

So even though I eventually had an asthma attack because of their stuffy smell, it was fun to look at those doggies! 😀


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